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SEO Basics – Part 2: AUTHORITY as Ranking Factor

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Original content about a given niche subject area that expands and includes both videos and photography (even other people’s images embed via Pinterest) is the slow, but sure process to achieving ranking results that not only last but which provide for user respect.

The basic rules can be broken down to a single paragraph:
Your site MUST propose ORIGINAL and quality content.  The VOLUME / content must EXPAND on a weekly basis over years. Make sure to have at least 400 words (per post or new page) which aim to become an authority on the given topic and/or keywords you are aiming to rank organically.

But there is more. The MORE is the LOVE you put into the work which somehow is felt by Google. Think of your webpage as a means to EDUCATE and GUIDE people. Think of your information as having VALUE for others. And take the time to PROVE that you are the AUTHORITY. (Here is an example: Offline Education Guide).

Naturally in this process make certain to READ everything done, and already online and even to check for past content that may no longer be online. I would suggest as well using Bing’s advanced search operators as well for your research.

DO NOT FORGET: What you are looking for is a NEW ANGLE to what has been said and either open source images or images that you can legally embed onto your site using Pinterest. You are also looking for videos and PDF files.

Remember that LINKS were first viewed by search engines as a means to RECOMMEND and/or VOTE for content.  And (in my view) if you choose well outbound links from your new and original text you are saying to search engines: “Yes, I am aware of what came before and my work is researched well … To be a CONTINUATION of high value information”. Links hence must, in my view, be either PDF files or DEEP within an external site to a given page or even to the anchor tag on a given page. (Jumping down to the content).

WARNING: LIMIT THE NUMBER and be attentive to HOW you link. You certainly do not want to link on your keyword(s) – as this would be counter productive. And ask yourself WHAT WILL KEEP A VISITOR ON MY SITE – So put your links in places where your own content is outstanding so as to be sure to keep the user reading more ON YOUR SITE: as TIME SPENT is a RANKING FACTOR of HUGE importance.

So to review … Your time spend doing research serves to AVOID saying the same thing about a subject. Helps your ranking as you chose media and high value external pages to BACK UP YOUR STATEMENTS. And the main reason that this niche topic research will help you is that IT ALLOWS YOU TO START THE PROCESS OF DOING WHAT OTHERS DID NOT DO, OR DID NOT DO ENOUGH OF … TO REALLY BECOME AN AUTHORITY on the theme.

A few things to keep in mind:

Being an “Authority” implies that whatever you say will and post online may itself be researched by others and in turn linked to by others. This in of itself will boost your ranking if the quality of external page is high.

Being an “Authority” also implies that after a certain amount time (generally a year) you must start over the research and see what is NEW online. And add external links and UPDATE your own content.