SEO Basics – Part 3: Captioning

FULL RE-EDIT OF THIS PAGE MADE ON 11/30/2017 Getting your image online (for good SEO) in a few important steps: First of all NAME the file with: "image-description-keyword-date.jpg". Next: add meta data to the image itself! (See tutorials for Adobe Photoshop File Info, Adobe Bridge, Camera Bits Photo Mechanic and Microsoft Expression Media). Now upload the image to your server. And make a short, clear, image description for the ALT (image) tag. This will help explain to a blind user what an image is displaying. And it will provide text in the event that your image does not appear on your site. Now you are ready for the TITLE (image) tag which is generally visible when one mouses over an image. Here you may wish to make a slightly shorter description and AVOID AT ALL TIMES stuffing keywords…
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